Symptoms: Physical, Psychological, or Emotional?

At various times throughout our lives we may experience a psychological, emotional or physical symptom. The cause can be very simple, easily found and easily resolved; but there are times when symptoms seem to have a mystery and are pointing to something deeper and not so easily resolved. While it is important to address symptoms at their own level by seeking medical help or an alternative practitioner, symptoms can point to unresolved psychological or emotional issues from our past. Feelings and emotions can get held or locked in the body, and an unhealthy attitude of mind or way of thinking may develop to cope with this. As a result the flow of our energy, including spiritual energy, gets blocked and can eventually manifest as a physical symptom. While this is not an exact science, we need to find a way to feel our feelings in order to free up our energy – our will toward experiencing more of our wholeness.

And so the purpose of resolving or dissolving these issues is not just for their own sake. It is for the purpose of allowing the flow of our energy to be authentically expressed in our personal and professional lives. This is what connects us with our world and gives meaning to our life. It helps us ‘go with the flow,’ so to speak; but this is not a flow that seems to control us from outside of ourselves, but comes from within us – our essence.

Psychosynthesis counselling and psychotherapy helps us to uncover our innate integrity and embody it and experience its vitality. It may sound simple, and it is; but it is not easy, because sometimes there is much we can be holding on to that gets in the way, which needs to be worked through to the degree that we can engage in a more holistic sense of self care and self honouring, and allow some letting go.

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