Counselling or Psychotherapy?

Counselling and psychotherapy are very similar and there is usually an overlap between the two. Counselling tends to work on a particular issue and can be short term work. Psychotherapy is usually longer term and works on your whole person. In psychotherapy we take a closer look into your childhood history to see if it is impacting on your present experience. This can uncover deeper psychological wounding, which will help you to understand what is unconsciously driving your choices that cause unhealthy lifestyle patterns. These patterns may have served you in the past but are no longer helpful and are probably perpetuating your suffering. Understanding what drives your behaviour increases your self-awareness which in turn helps to free your will to make choices that are more aligned with your own values.

My core model is Psychosynthesis – a psychology of Love and Will, often referred to as a psychology of the Soul. It provides an integrative and humanistic approach to counselling and psychotherapy, and includes aspects of many other therapeutic models. Psychosynthesis helps to integrate the personality and has the context of a spiritual Self at the centre of one’s being that remains whole despite the experience of suffering.

Through safe therapeutic boundaries and by building trust in the therapeutic relationship, I will nurture your compassionate attentiveness to your own experience. This will help you to change your relationship to your suffering, so that you may to listen to its message and enhance your capacity to heal.

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